Mike Bontumasi, RMWC

Mike Bontumasi

Managing Director

Mike has been engaged to serve as Managing Director (via a professional services agreement with Manistee Capital LLC) for Origination, Underwriting & Asset Management of RMWC and is responsible for presenting investment opportunities, underwriting potential opportunities and asset managing existing investments.

Mike has over 15 years of commercial real estate experience, with a focus on origination, underwriting and asset management assignments across all asset classes, and across debt and equity investing, within the US. Prior to founding Manistee Capital LLC, Mike spent four years at Ladder Capital underwriting and originating fixed and floating rate debt opportunities, as well as asset managing both equity and debt positions within the firm. In addition, Mike has completed various foreclosures, workouts, loan restructurings, and dispositions on both debt and equity positions. Prior to Ladder Capital, Mike has held various positions within commercial real estate lending platforms including: Vice President at Société Générale, Director at Cantor Fitzgerald and Vice President at PNC Bank. To date, Mike has been involved in the origination, underwriting and asset management of over $3.0 billion in commercial real estate debt and equity transactions.

Mike holds an M.S. in Real Estate Finance from New York University and a B.S. from Northern Michigan University.